Pierluigi Bonvicini

Pierluigi Bonvicini

Pierluigi Bonvicini was born in Tuscany, Italy, where he graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Florence. He currently resides in the United States dividing his time between architectural practice and educational interests. Since the early eighties, when he first came to the US, he has taught design at the University of Southern California and Cal Poly Pomona, and has undertaken a great variety of architectural projects ranging from institutional and religious designs, to custom homes, to high-end retail flagship stores. He has lectured frequently on design and Italian culture, most recently at the Bower’s Museum of Orange County, and has authored numerous articles and essays including a book on the work of John Lautner. In 2013 Pierluigi Bonvicini received the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana (Knight of the Republic of Italy) by then President Giorgio Napoletano.


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