Kevin Chu

Kevin Chu

Kevin Chu has been drawing and designing for as long as he could hold a pen. From cars to planes, robots to buildings, and landscape to aliens, he could never stop. Born in 1975 in Hong Kong, he moved to England at the age of 13. He attended The Architectural Association in London (as its youngest architectural student in that year), then expanded his studies at the London University Bartlett School of Architecture, where he investigated experimental architecture. He was awarded the only Archigram Architectural Breakthrough Design Prize for his final year project on Cluster Robotic Architecture, and his work has been featured in several lectures in Germany, Spain, London and Portugal. After graduating he stayed in London for several years, then returned to Hong Kong and opened his own design firm in 2006.

He is fascinated by the theme of biomechanical transformation and uses drawing and painting to influence his design and vice versa. He is also fascinated by plant and ocean life forms, and his enduring passion is to fuse movement and
physical alteration into his creations. Most of his architecture, interior, furniture design and artwork deals with transformation and movement. “There is never a moment of statis in anything. Time and motion are constant in everything."

In 2012 he renamed his company and design ideology to FABLAB (Future ARTchitecture Based Laboratory). Here he explores more deeply his theories on combining art and design through the
adaptation of highly experimental and advanced sustainable technologies. Kevin Chu’s work has won awards in Europe and Asia, and has been published in several avant-garde design magazines. He was nominated as one of the most creative designers coming out of Asia, but what matters most to him is to push boundaries in every creative project he encounters. As he says, “We are in the business of creating and we should always retain an unyielding loyalty to originality and never budge to any barriers or restraints!”




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