Giovan Battista Ricca

Giovan Battista Ricca

Giovan Battista Ricca is the founder of OR Illuminazione and the inspiration behind Ricca Design. Since 1965, Giovan Battista has dedicated his life to the creation and promotion of beautiful and unique lighting fixtures. His commitment to quality and love for his collections are the cornerstones of OR Illuminazione’s success.

His regard for Murano glass and its traditions, for the finest crystals, and for the “Il Bello” style are fundamental to his design portfolio and the way he conducts business, and have been passed on to his sons and daughter. Even today, OR Illuminazione maintains a “family” approach coupled with a genuine understanding of the client’s needs.

The body of work researched, designed and crafted over 50 years of OR Illuminazione’s lifespan are foremost in our thoughts and create the foundation on which Ricca Design moves into the future.




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